Monday, June 13, 2011

Such a great day and its only half over!!

What a wonderful day!!
Rested on the couch this morning and listened to d2 play with is cars in the kitchen. Then We played hide and seek for the very 1st time.
It was soo cute! He counted like this.
& then mumbled something that sounded like
Ready or not here I come.
(thank you word world for teaching my child how to play hide and seek!)
He was the seeker the whole time...& I got to hide. 
You all know hiding is the best part!!
But to my little one, finding me was more fun for him.
Giggles filled the house and every now and then a snort.
(thank you D for passing your snort on to our child, it is by far my most favorite thing)
I cant remember the last time I played this game, but it as soo much fun.
I had so much fun that at one point while running to hide, I wasn’t paying very good attention and ran my left shoulder blade into a corner of the house. 
(it still hurts)
On top of all the fun, d2 also had a big boy moment!
He is growing up, but this one I am soo ready for!
He peed in his frog potty for the 1st time today.
I have been putting him on his frog potty pretty much whenever he wants....he does get m&m’s so it help with him making that choice. 
So today I have been asking him to poop so I can put him down for his nap
There is nothing worse they having your child's nap interrupted because of a bowel movement. This lead to asking if he wanted to sit on the potty.
So we sat him down...and gave him a bowl of m&m’s like normal.
I really wasn't expecting too much from it. He usually just wants the m&m’s.
The all of the sudden he said... Look...its the water!
I looked in his potty and what did I find to my pleasure!!
Yes he peed in the potty! & I took pictures.
I never understood why Kate Gosselin photographed her children when the each pooped in the potty until this moment. 
(Yes I might be one of those people who photographs that moment too)
After getting a diaper on him, and what not, We cheered, spun around, and I told him how very excited I was about this. Then he helped me put it in the toilet, and flush.
(yes I photographed it all, for daddy of course)
And we Cheered some more!!
Good job little man!!
This is one of the things to do when I get back from my trip, & I feel like he might actually be ready for it!!

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