Sunday, May 1, 2011

The you I get to see that no one else does.

Yes, I know it defeats the purpose if I share with you all, but some days I wish you could know the husband I feel in love with. These moments slip out every now and then with close friends, but I thought I would share this one with you all.
So picture this,

We are driving home, and almost there, I might add. 
When D accidentally hits the horn on the car.
(keep in mind this happens more often the is should, but we aren’t normally so close to home)
I say.. “D I mean really, we are almost home.”
He is looking around to see if anyones outside of there house.
I say, “look, that guy in his garage is looking at us like we are crazy for honking our horn.”
He replies,
“where? I would have waved!” 
With this grin, that can only be explained as the grin I get when he is in his silly mood. Its on of mischief and orneriness combined. And only comes out every now and then.
I just shake my head...and proceed to tell him that I will be posting it on fb, until I realized that this would just be too long of a fb status update, and thus the blog post.