Tuesday, April 26, 2011

did he just say what I think he said?

So, my goal is to try and update our blog once a month. Lets hope I can do it. I’ve already got one for this month...but its for last month.
As for April, it too has gone by pretty quickly. So many sweet moments with my little man, I should keep a note pad around so I don’t forget them all. 
At the beginning of the month I had my training show for my latest endeavor. I started another blog for it so go check it out! www.SPARKLEnBLING.blogspot.com
I decided that this year would be the first year I didn’t take d2 in for professional portraits. After all, I do photography on the side, and should be able to get at least one good shot right? Right. 
I did, and it is by far my most favorite. 
Here it is for all you to enjoy!

He climed the ladder at the park for the 1st time and loved his new found skill!

d2 has had some pretty funny moments. 
I will share with you my most favorite.
Now d2 has always been interested in his private parts, and bath time has always been the time when we have to tell him to leave it alone. For those of you who don’t know, I am half Filipino, and the word for that area is “Tay-Tay”. Bath time consisted of us telling d2 to leave his “tay-tay” alone. 
Now with his vocabulary growing, this word has become a part of it. Now at bath time, he still grabs it, and then tells us what it is. And we have to tell him to leave it alone. 
Anyways, the other day he came over with his stuffed animal. Its a dog, but it is in the shape of a ball, with its face flat against the ball, but with the ears, arms, legs, & tail coming off the ball. d2 came to us, holding the dog by its tail, and looked as us and said. “Tay-tay?”
Holding back my laughter, I said, “No dear, that is the doggies tail.” 
He the repeated the word. “Tail?”
“yes, thats’ its tail.”
D and I about feel on the floor laughing. I was laughing so hard, there were tears in my eyes.!
Looks like kids say the darndest things has already begun, and I will continue to share them with you!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh March?! Where did you go?

I find myself amazed that march has come and gone. 
But even more how my day to day life has changed.
In March,
I was finishing up the term, where my weeks, Monday threw Thursday, contained classes for me. I would spend my time designing, helping others design, and pretty much did what I wanted till I came home. Depending on the day, I would arrive home to my family around 3 or 5. I had long breaks, where I could contemplate whatever the day brought, or what life was bringing my way. I could sit and chat with friends, and just enjoy time to myself. All of which I enjoyed, but at the same time, missed being at home with my d2, and even D.
March also held d2’s 2nd birthday! Its hard to believe. He is beginning to use full sentences, is trying to enter in the tantrum stage ( we are trying to keep that in line ), and learning so much. I am amazed at how is brain is a sponge.  He already knows every letter in the alphabet, of which we learned from the Sunday school teacher, ( I knew he knew many of them but it has been confirmed..he knows them all ).  He knows the basic colors, although has trouble with red and orange ( but those 2 are really close ). 
For his 2nd birthday, I could only have done one theme..there really was no other option. He loves Word World. Have you scene or heard of it? Well my dear friend Alyssa, who we call auntie Lys, said that her niece loved it, so we thought, why not. We bought a dvd, and it has been a daily thing in our house. And the funny thing is, I find myself glued to the TV if it is an episode I have never seen. I also find myself singing 
songs from it. 
Check it out! www.wordworld.com ! Best thing ever!
So Word World it had to be. But you cant just go to your local store..any I might add and get a word world cake. So I decided to tackle it myself ( lets keep in mind his birthday fell on the week of dead week, right before finals ). I managed to not have finals for 2 classes, and finished the one final I needed to turn in Monday, on Thursday. This gave me all day Friday to get ready for the party. 
So here are some shots from the party.. Only my favs. I have soo many!

First, we had Bags, and Hats...for all. Bags contained M&M's d2's fav., blowers, some crayons, and 2 coloring sheets with pictures from the word world website of party things. I had a cake, a hat, a gift, and bear with some balloons. Each bag had 2 of the 4, so many kids got different pictures.

Here is the cake! It took me pretty much all day it felt like, but I love how it turned out. I used marshmallow fondant, and made a CAKE like off the show, and then on top I put his fav character DOG & is HOUSE. I made them out of ricecrispy treats, molded them and covered them with fondant, and then piped the details on. 

I really like how it turned out...but lets just say that next year I will be ordering my cake from the store.... But maybe I will feel like being creative again. Who knows. :)

Our happy little Family!

Time to blow out the candles.
I got the happy birthday banner free of the web site. Just printed if off and put it together.

Enjoying some cake!

We got plates and cups off line with the charaters on them

Who needs presents when you can play with  the BAG it came in!

Ok...Im done with photos..although I had like 20 more I just loved. Guess you need to get on fb to see them... (guess I need to up load them too)

So after his birthday was spring break, and lots of thinking it over. D had just started a new job that week, and I was mulling over what to do. I didnt really want to put my kid in childcare, it didnt matter who was taking care of him. I know this is different for each parent, and their situation, but for me personally, I didn't have a kid, so someone else could raise him. I was ok with him being in it for half the day, but my classes wouldnt allow me to do that, so after a while, I realised all I wanted to do was take the term off, and figure out schooling later. You see, D has a job, and Praise Jesus for it, but it is through a temp. We dont know if he will be extented, hired on permenantly or, my least favorite option, let go once the project is done. Whatever the case, taking off a term and seeing how it plays out was the only thing I was comfortable with. Once I added in cost of childcare, and where, and how. It was a no brainer for me. And once I had decided to let it go, and give it to God, I had the most amazing peace about it.

So now my days are filled with chores, and play time, nap time, diapers, parks and playdates. It may be hard to find a moment for myself, but I am loving every minute of it, and soaking up this time that I know goes by soo fast!