Friday, January 6, 2012

Feeling inspired!

Well, Its the new year! My hopes were to get a blog post up here of the good things of last year, and things I hope for, for this year.. That hasn’t happened. Among other things that are still on my to do list. I will hopefully find time by the end of the month to post that on here. But for now, here’s a couple stories.
d2 is getting smarter (an ornerier ) then ever! All I can do is smile. It gives me joy, as I correct his tone, and attitude, but most the time he is being just plain silly. 
He has discovered that he has the same name as his father. No I never use my husbands full name when I need him to listen. This in part because he is 30, and usually listens right away, & second it is saved for my child, when he is not listening. You know that tone of voice your mother uses, with either your full name, or first & middle? Well I happen to just use his first and last name. Something about having a 2 syllable name followed by a single syllable. It just flows nicely. 
So the other day d2 comes from the play area screaming his name, he said it like 3 times...beckoning for this person. I waited to see what he was doing, a little confused at to why he was called for himself, but also wondering if maybe he wanted daddy. Then he stopped, looked at me and said, mommy where’s daddy? Thats when I knew that he was called for D. I replied...I’m not sure, I think he is upstairs. He then continued to call for daddy using his full name. I waited to see the look on my husbands face. It was priceless.
With the orneriness comes a sweetness too. You see, d2 has been coming up every morning, yelling at me, ordering me to get up. I finally just decided to ignore him till he could ask me nicely. I didn’t want to encourage his behavior. So today, he came it quietly, I had heard him playing in his room and laid there waiting for him to come in and “wake” me up. He took is small sweet hand and brushed my cheek, and said “Sweetie, its time to wake up, you want to get up please.” (LOVE)
He has taken to calling me Sweetie, that is was D calls me. Didn’t really realize it, until our toddler picked up on it and decided that was what he would call me to. 
It is interesting to watch him as he choose different names to call me... Sweetie, Mommy or Mom & what it is he wants. I am amazed at how quickly it catches on to things and am enjoying every minute of it!