Saturday, November 13, 2010


Do you ever fill like you have too many choices...and your not sure which way is the right way to go. I mean...really whatever choice I make would be fine...I just have to live with it. Thus being said...
I have an internal interview at my place of work...lets just call it the Buy More..(because I like watching chuck..and I work in the electronics department of the store I work at).
Anyways, I have an internal interview on sunday. Its for a position I applied for back in the beginning of october. The plan was...if I got the position, I would put off going to school until we could have D a full time job. D has been unemployed now for 15 months and stays home with d2 while I am at work. Keeps up with the house, and if I might add..does a great job at it. 
So, today I hear that I will have an internal interview for this position, but over the last month since I had not heard anything, I have been checking out my options for school..and getting very excited for these options. I like to have a plan. See d2 came along and if I would have had it my way baby #3 would be already here or on the way. Well that plan got a wrench thrown in it when D lost his job. Not his fault, he has one of those jobs that when the economy gets bad...people get laid off. 
With all this change..I have come to the rationalization that baby #3 wouldn’t coming anytime soon. And throwing schooling into the mix only would make that be longer...Until I had a great idea while talking with one of my girlfriends. 
I could go to school for 2 years..this year and next..take a year off for baby and then go onto my masters.. That way d2 and baby 3 weren’t so far apart. It would have made the gap 3 1/2 to 4 years..Not a close as I would have liked..but its beats having a 6 year old with a new born. I really want my children to be close enough in age to relate. 
So the choices... 
Stick with my original plan.. Start school this january, and finish by june of 2012 or..
if I get offered this job, take it..and maybe start in the fall and be finished by 2013...
I realize there is a big fat IF in this. But isn’t that what life is....IF.
Another options is to go to school part time and work full time, I’ve been there and done that.. so Im really trying not to consider this one. 
I know that if I don’t get the job, then all this contemplation will have been for nothing. 
Which way do you go when you come to the fork in the road?

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