Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh my October!

It seems to have flow by faster than I would like.
So many times I have thought about blogging and yet it hasn't happened. And as I write this now, I have homework calling out to me.
Im gonna make it wait, and then once I get these words on the screen, then I will tackle it with no mercy.
So lets see, I left you with back to school.
d2 has adjusted to pre-school very nicely. There were a couple weeks when I thought the crying would never end, and I heart strings ached for him, and I wondered if going back to school was really worth it. (in my head I knew it was, but my heart didn't agree during the moment when my child is crying, and I am trying to get out the door.)
Now our mornings on school days consist of him asking, mommy you go to school too? and daddy go to work? and the final question.. mommy you pick me up after nap? All to which I confirm and repeat to him to insure that is it just part of the day and we will have the rest of the night to have fun.
October has been full of fall fun!
I am unsure how I will narrow down all my wonderful photos of the memories.
We made our way to the pumpkin patch, at which d2 exclaimed when his eye caught all the pumpkins
“Mommy!, Look at all the pinecones!! Love it!
He picked up the 1st one he saw, and it was the perfect size!
By the end of the month, he was calling them pumpkins, but oh how I loved that he called them pinecones! 

This is the pumpkin he wanted

The whole family
He also got to take his 1st pony ride! And really enjoyed it!

1st Poney Ride

Then & Now
4 months pregnant with david
2 and half years old... and look at him copying the pumpkin!

We also made our way out to the fruit loop in Hood River. If you have never been, I really recommend it! Soo worth the drive. There are all these orchards and you can stop by all of them and load up on fresh oregon apples and other fruit.  Heres a few photos from that. 

feeding an alpacka 

Big Tractor
little tractor
Climbing in a tree! And soo proud of himself

We carved pumpkins, and I let d2 use the “Mr. Potato head” pieces to do his pumpkin. We got them for his 1st Halloween and they have worked out quite nicely. He wasn't much into sticking his hands into the pumpkin guts so this also helped, plus his love for “tatoe heads” made it a win win!

His pumpkin

We joined his pre-school with an outing to Toy Story 3 on Ice, and he ate it up. Show started a little late, so by intermission he was getting tired. He did make it through the whole show though.

Our Family. . . . of course he had to dress up as woody!

Of course he had to share his popcorn with Rex

Enjoying the show

Then of course we had to go trick-or-treating!
It only took him 2 houses for him to catch on. I had been couching him all week on saying trick or treat, so we had that down. The Toystory Theme Continues...and I might add that he asked me to draw on his face after he saw me draw on D's!

The 1st house he got 2 bags of M&M’s his favorite.  He looked and me and exclaimed. 
“Mommy! I got 2 of them!”
After the next house, he looked at us and ask...
“Want to go to another house?”
We made it to about 5 or 6 houses, and then his bucket was full. The all gave him 2 to 3 pieces! It made it easy. We didn't have to go for very long and he was happy. 

The whole gain!! 

So that was our fabulous October!
Im enjoying my classes, taking 2 art classes and 2 psy classes. I’ll post all my art soon but you will have to check it here.
I also had 4 Jewelry Parties in October & have 5 for this month. God has truly bless me with this job & he has aslo
extended  D's job until the end of the year. 
Still praying that this temp job will turn into something permanent, but grateful for how the Lord is providing for us now. 

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