Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello Fall!

The term in is full swing with homework on my to-do list as well as everything else that has been on it.
I am enjoying classes and d2 has transitioned to pre-school very well. He loves going to school and taking his backpack or as he calls it his pack-pack. And actually last week he was asking me to go to school every day. He was excited! (confession: i am actually sitting at home in complete silence, alone, to blog, when I could have picked him up. But I paid for the whole day and don’t have to pick him up till six. You know how many things I can get done with 2 hours of me time, no interruptions? Yes, blogging is one of them!)

He is getting so big!

Excited to take his pack-pack

Ok mom, lets go!
Back to my classes. I had painting in the morning, and am loving it. I will be posting stuff on here when it comes to my art. So check it out! Well...not yet... I haven’t competed anything yet.
Then I have 2 psy classes and to my pleasant surprise, Chelle is in both of them! Totally random, but loving it! I like having a friend to sit next to and chat with here and there. And we are each others Life-Lines for one of them. (its complicated so ask me and I will tell you all about that class...or maybe I will find time to blog just about that).
Jewelry is really taking off! I am loving it. I have never had a more fun job! And I get paid to play with jewelry, wear it, and hang out with girls and eat brownies.. I know you are jealous! So if you want some free jewelry, let me know, or if you want to have an amazing job like mine, let me know! I can get you the hook up! Im your girl!
D’s temp job is coming to an end (as far as we know).  It ends Oct 21st. We keep hoping for another extension, but nothing yet. So keep him/us in your prayers. God is going to provide, but your petitions are greatly appreciated. 
So life seems to be up in the air, and changing frequently. 
That pretty much sums it up!.
However, things I am excited for are:
Unleashing my inner artist!
Pumpkin flavored things
And whatever God has in store for us next!

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