Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wishing you Sunday Afternoons!

Happy New Year!!
I hope this year is filled with love, hope, peace and joy!
Here is my reflections from last year. 
We spent the whole year with D unemployed.. and sadly it has become my norm. I am not sure what I will do when he goes back to work. I have enjoyed the time I have had with him, and the time he has been able to share with our son. Don’t get me wrong. I want him to have a job more than anything. More for him them me. I think it will be good for him and his self esteem. Or at least if he can figure out what he wants to do. I dont care what it is as long as he is happy. 
I spent the year looking. And I am soo very excited that the looking has ended and a journey begins. I worked 3 jobs last christmas...and 2 for a good half of the year. In all that I continued to look for full-time. What I have learned from this? Be content in where you are and keep what you have until what you really are looking for comes up.  Each job change was in hopes that it would become full-time and both proved to be wrong. I did manage to get close to 40 hours this holiday season just working one job, but would have been more content if I had just trusted in God and his plan. Had I stuck through it, I  might have saved myself lots of stress, and I hope that I can learn to trust him more.
I also spent a good amount losing some weight. I wanted to be gone of all the weight I gained in pregnancy, but I got close and I will take it. I only have 3 1/2 pounds to go.. and Hope for that to be gone in the next couple weeks. With the holidays over..its time to take my weight lose full speed ahead. More post on that to come. 
d2. That boy, I Love him soo much! He brings more joy to my life that I ever thought, and makes the little things sweet. 
I downloaded a good amount of music to itunes today, in hopes of adding it to my phone and thus having music to listen to for the bus ride to and from school. One of the new CDs I got was Rascal Flatts. For those who dont know..I <3 RF. You should listen to Sunday Afternoon on their newest cd Nothing like this..  if you get a chance... It reminds me of both D and d2. Here is my favorite line from it.
“I swear it feels just like
The clocks slow down for a while
And the air tastes sweeter
And breathing gets deeper
As the clouds dance around the sunshine.”
and the chorus
“ if I had the chance to make one wish
every single moment would be like this
laying here baby, just me and you
yeah and every day would be sunday afternoon” most days since christmas d2 had started saying mama...
In the morning he comes in...calls for me.
“mama!”.. “choo-choo!” he..lp pweas!”
oh such sweet word to a mothers ears.
You see..we got him trains for christmas...and he wants help to play with them. 
No matter how tired I might be. I can’t help but make myself get up and play till my child’s heart is contents.
Another moment today...
he was running around, being silly and making noises.
He ran into the living room were i sat, and roared at in my silliest voice and face. I roared back. He proceeded to run in and out of the room doing this...each time my face was a little sillier and his laughter would fill the room. Such joy overflowing from my child..and all I needed to do was roar and make a face. 
Moments like this... “The clocks slow down for a while..And the air tastes sweeter”
This last year my have been the year of unknown..and although there is still some of this left...I am confident that the Lord has something for bigger planed for us, and I wait patiently for him to show that to us. 
Im excited to start school this winter term for graphic design. 
Im excited for the trip Im planing for in June.
Im excited for d2’s second birthday and am already planing it in my head. 
But mostly I am excited for life, and living in the moments. And hopeful for as many sunday afternoon moments as I can get. 


  1. Being content with what you have can be hard to practice sometimes. I've been trying to be better at that too.

    You mentioned that you don't have health insurance over on my blog and I wanted to know if you tried Oregon Healthy Kids ( We got Owen on it and since I'm not working right now and Matt makes very little we qualified for the free plan. So there's no premium, no co-pays, etc. You pick your plan (we picked Kaiser because that's what I have and we love it). Now we don't have to add Owen to my work plan ($230/mo premium!) I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about it.

  2. oh...I would love to pick you brian. Is there a good time for me to call you? Thanks jackie :-)