Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Christmas Letter

This post is long overdue. 
I apologize to those who logged on hopping to find our christmas letter...and only found my last post.
So lets recap the year.... 
I can’t even believe that it is already this time of the year.
So much had changed...and yet nothing really.
If you received a christmas card from us..please make note of our new address or if you need it just let us know. In september we moved from a small apt. to a home that we are now renting. The extra space is soo needed and I now have a place to do my crafts. It was much needed. 
This year has been mostly a transition year. D is still unemployed making it over a year now, and I continue to pray for work for him, and that his un-employment will last until he finds a new job. 
d2 turned 1 this year, and we had a wonderful time celebrating his 1st birthday. He started walking at 11 months and has been running ever since. He is a chatty little guy and learns new words every day. Among his favorites are doggie and ball. And baboom. (balloon) This is my most favorite, and santa will be bringing him a box full of them for christmas this year. (Im enjoying how the simple things make him happy) 
D had been keeping house and taking care of d2. He does a great job at this, although, Im sure we will both be thankful when he find a job. I have just been working and looking for a full-time job. Still no luck there, but I am excite to say that I will be going back to school in january for graphic design. This will bring more transitions to our lives, but I feel it is for the best.  
Other than work and play nothing to much going on for us. We hope that this holiday season finds you well. 
Merry Christmas!

feel free to check in here any time to see what is new with our family and enjoy stories about our little one. :-)

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  1. Great pics of you guys!! We had such a great time at your place last night. Thanks for having us over!