Thursday, February 3, 2011

Music to my ears!

Just had one of those moments!
My day was filled with homework, homework and more homework. I got home around 3 and decided I should take a nap. After all, I was falling asleep on the bus, thus I must need a nap. 
Before said nap, I decided to check my email. You see, last night after d2 went to bed, I started in on my invitation project for my Type 1 class. The time flew by, and when I finished and emailed it to my professor, I realized that is was 11. 3 hours felt like one. Not complaining, I was enjoying the process. So, I needed to check my email before I took my nap. Right? RIGHT!
So, I had a response with notes on my work, and my mind went off with processing it and how to fix said issues. Nap time right? right....
I went up stairs for sad nap, and d2 started to have an issue because I closed the door. This is odd because he can open all the doors in the house. So after he decided to open the door, with daddy in hand playing interference, d2 decided mommy needed a good night kiss. SO Sweet!
He walked up to my side of the bed and sweetly kissed me, turned around with dad in tow, and said nigh nigh!
So after that, I was pretty sure my day couldn’t get any better.
After all, I was snug in my bed, ready for some much needed rest.
So I thought.
Now, one would like to think that d2 came running back it...but no. Daddy was a dear and took him outside to play.
There I was, warm and toasty in bed with my electric blanket on, compliments of mom 2 christmas’ ago, wide awake. I could not get my mind to shut off. I have a list a mile long of all the things I must complete before the weekend is over. Included in this is 2 shifts at work. 
After a half hour of laying there in thought, I decided I should just get up and get to work on it.
Around 4 the boys came back in, and D needed to go to the store for a couple things for dinner. We discussed whether d2 would stay here or go. My argument was, 
“you know how he gets when you leave. Just go ask him. If he wants to stay then he can stay.” 
Lucky for me, he wanted to go with daddy. ( I dont think it was much luck though . For sure a daddy’s boy. ) 
So another kiss later, and “c a waiter” (see you later)
AND to my pleasant surprise 
“I whuv you” 
Today, my sweet boy, told be good bye, and I love you!
as he left the house with daddy.
With out being prompted!
I mean, I say I love you to him every time I leave, but we have never asked him to say it. He just said it. 
Talk about melting mommy’s heart!
He is learning new words every day, but by far this is my favorite!

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